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April 20, 2016 9:55PM 

So I promised this past weekend that I would have the photos from the weekend BEFORE up. That was before I ran into problems with the website and then becoming distracted by a million other things. Excuses I know. 

Well here you go. They're finally up. 

Supercell organizes near Walters, OK on 4.10.16. This storm produced tennis ball sized hail and several wall clouds during its life-span.

Sunday April 10th brought me to southwest Oklahoma where an elevated risk of severe weather was present. Storms developed in a cluster across western north Texas and made their way into southwest Oklahoma. Eventually this supercell became dominant and began to put on a show as it passed through Fredrick-Grandfield-Walters Oklahoma. This shot was taken looking west from near Walters. At this point the supercell was really getting its act together with a well developed mesocyclone and several wall clouds, none of which produced. 

You can view the full gallery by clicking here. I'll add to it as I process images. 

Turbulent skies above my partner in crime, the silver bullet. ;) This car has been on many adventures to say the least. .

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