Summer of Woes - Oklahoma Skies

Posted on July 2, 2017 at 1:52PM CDT

It seems like a lifetime, but just a short month ago I was involved in a pretty debilitating accident that left me with fairly serious injuries and no car. Started my Monday at work( don't get time off for memorial day!), and everything seemed to be going the way my Monday's usually do. I got off work, had lunch with a friend, and then went to the gym. I was supposed to go to a pool party later that afternoon, so I was in a rush to finish my circuit and get ready. Work out completed. Check. Left gym and fixing to turn into my apartment complex a short ways down the street. That's when things went downhill very quickly. 

Of course Moore has become what Edmond is to Oklahoma City. I've lived in Moore all my life, and the amount of shopping centers, restaurants, fast food places, and housing additions that have sprung up in the last decade has been amazing. I'm not sure why anyone would want to build up a constant battle ground for tornadoes, but nonetheless Moore has remained tenacious to mother nature's tendencies. With the increase in entertainment/opportunity comes the influx of people. Lots more traffic to contend with as well, and that's the topic I'm getting to when discussing this accident. So I live in an apartment complex off of one of the most congested streets and intersections in Moore. 19th and Santa Fe. I try to avoid this area like the plague. I will go out of my way to take Indian Hills down to Santa Fe and then go in through the back. My gym unfortunately is located on 19th, so I have to travel that way to go to and from. As I was going to make my turn into the entrance, right before the intersection, someone else was attempting to make a left turn from the opposite lane. I'm already short tempered and have little to no patience when it comes to traffic(already a foreshadow to my downfall) so I become flustered but nevertheless I wait. In my world time seconds feel like hours when I'm in a rush. The person is waving me on but I'm unsure. Eventually traffic on the opposite lane subsides and thinking I'm clear I begin to turn left. In a series of very unfortunate events I see the Dodge Ram coming right at me. I have ZERO time to react, the truck slams into my passenger side fender and I'm turned nearly 360 degrees. The sound of the impact is still ringing in my head. 

My initial reaction is absolute shock. I'm not even aware of my pain nor immediate injuries. I throw my broken sunglasses off. Warm blood begins trickling down my forehead and it becomes clear that I f*** up this time. I've been in a couple of very minor incidents, but this was the real deal. Two young guys quickly emerge from the truck that just totaled my car, and another guy gets out of the SUV that was trying to turn the opposite way beforehand. Everything around me is dizzy but I never black out. They're asking me questions but I'm not responding. I'm dazed and confused. I can't believe it. I just wrecked the only car I had and I'm pretty certain at this point I broke my leg. That's when it all hits me. The pain that is. It's excruciating. I notice that my leg is bent inward in an unnatural position and I begin to panic. 

Emergency personnel arrive at the scene and after what felt like forever I'm being transferred by stretcher to an ambulance. This isn't my first rodeo I thought to myself as i'm reminded of my previous experiences. The ambulance takes off and I yell in agony over every bump we hit on the way to the emergency room. There's no comforting me, and the pain medication being injected by IV isn't touching it. I wanted my life to end right then and there. We get to the ER and I'm sprawled out on a table like a specimen being tested. They're poking and prodding me, removing my clothes, and asking me a million questions. I'm told that I dislocated my hip and that I was going to be put under so they could put it back in place. 

I awaken after what seems like no time has passed, and the pain is gone. Well almost. "You're hip is fixed!" The middle aged man in scrubs optimistically exclaims as I groggily thank him. My sister who had been on her way to pick me up before the accident, arrives and looks at me. She doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. "It could've been so much worse" I say as I begin to sob. As the reality of everything sets in I understand the gravity of the situation. I'm taken in for a cat scan to make sure there are no unseen injuries. They find a fracture in my right talus(the ankle bone) and a possible fracture in my left one. I'm then taken back to my room where I receive 17 stitches to my forehead. I had hit my head on the windshield which left me with numerous cuts to the face and head. After eight long hours in trauma care at OU medical, I finally get the green light to go home. I'm prescribed several narcotics and I'm told to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon. Thus begins my long road to recovery. 

It's been almost five weeks since the accident and it's been some of the longest five weeks of my life. I've dealt with many surgeries and injuries in my 24 years on this earth but this one has been one of the more difficult ones. For one the timing is horrible. It's the beginning of summer and I had made grandiose plans. Everything had taken a back seat indefinitely. For someone who is active and can't be bribed to stay at home, I don't even know what to do with myself. Being forced to sit around, barely able to do simple tasks, is a hard pill to swallow. My brain is in overdrive, longing for the end of this and contemplating what's next. 

UPDATE 8/1/17

As I sit here on a day off from work, I'm randomly reminded of this post that I had never finished. A month has passed since the inception of this post and as I reread it and finish it I kind of chuckle to myself. Like they always say, time heals everything. The theme this summer has been a lesson in patience. Recovery is well underway and I see my orthopedic for the third time next week. I'm down to one boot on my right foot and the most exciting news, is that I'm now able to walk(gimp better yet) without crutches. Baby steps! 

Reflecting on the past two months, it was hard. Lots of resting and little physical activity. Lots of events I had to sit out. A lot of tears were shed and depression was starting to set in. Despite everything God reminds me that while these trials are tough, I am tougher than them. I am an overcomer. I'm blessed beyond measure and I am very thankful that I am making a full recovery and will move on from this. Sometimes in life, we are dealt with a big ol' pile of crap and we have to go through things we much rather wouldn't. The hard times are what builds character and makes you wiser. The storm is breaking though, and I can see the rays of sunlight through the clouds. It's almost over. Things have been dead on my social media pages as I have just not had the motivation to update things. Getting back to where I left off however! Lots of content to come in the coming weeks/months. 

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