About Me - Oklahoma Skies
My name is Zack and I have this huge passion. It's almost an addiction really. I am intrigued by the phenomenon that paints our skies; weather. Each spring(and sometimes early fall) I am lured to the plains of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas in search of some of nature's most violent forces. Some call it crazy, I consider it a passion.

May 3rd 1999 was the day that started it all. If you live or were in Oklahoma during that time, you are familiar with the F-5 tornado that flattened a significant portion of Bridge Creek-Moore- S. OKC. Just recently Moore was affected again by a violent storm. May 20th 2013 saw another F-5 twister tear through many of the same areas affected by the 1999 storm. I was much younger during the May 3rd storm and was more intrigued than afraid and this is what created my deep passion for all things weather. May 20th affected me differently and on a more personal level. I think being older and more "aware" of what these storms can do allowed me to experience something that I didn't on May 3rd. I felt the full impact of the events that unfolded and since then I have perceived tornadoes differently. My drive to chase storms is still there, but my perspective has changed. Chasing storms is not just something that brings me thrills. It's much deeper than that. I'm here to learn the why behind the what. Our weather is constantly changing and evolving. Me saying I chase for the sole purpose of saving lives would be a lie, but chasing rather to experience something that is so rare and so exclusive to those who choose to pursue it. Nothing makes me feel more alive.

Photography is a relatively recent hobby of mine. I purchased my first DSLR in December 2011 and it has allowed me to capture the moment of serenity. This world has a lot to offer and nature is beautiful. This website serves as my portfolio and allows me to express myself through the eye of the lens.
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